Frontiers of Entrepreneurship


What does a typical submission look like?
Most submissions are in a slide presentation format and consist of 5-10 slides on a specific topic of current interest. Most trends are based on current research projects, surveys, reports, or new analysis of an emerging topic. Many trends include a one slide “Expert Insight” that features the author (or other expert) providing interpretation or opinion on the information provided in the trend.


Does the Trends in Entrepreneurship report take a copyright?
No, much like a conference proceeding or circulated working paper, we do not take a copyright. We do not consider trends a publication and have received assurances that circulation of the report will not pre-empt publication in another outlet that does take a copyright (e.g., a peer-reviewed academic journal).

What is the submission fee?
There is no submission fee.

What is the review timeline?
We reply to submitters with an initial decision within 30 days after the submission deadline and typically within a similar time frame for other submissions.

What subjects are covered by the report?
We welcome submission of any trend related to current topics in entrepreneurship, but most trends relate to funding, ecosystems, teams and talent, and emerging technologies. We especially encourage submissions addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion in entrepreneurship and small business.

What are the benefits of submitting a trend?
The report provides an opportunity for researchers to share their work with a large and diverse audience. For each accepted trend an author (one per trend) will receive an invitation and registration waiver for the Frontiers of Entrepreneurship conference held annually in January at The Breakers. In some cases, additional travel support for conference attendance is available (e.g., select Ph.D. students).

Can trends be co-authored?
Yes, but each accepted trend provides for just one registration waiver to the Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Conference.

What is the deadline to submit a trend?
Trends submissions have closed. Please check back for updates.

Who can submit?
Anyone. Trends authorship is not limited to academics--we encourage submissions from industry and government researchers.

What is the editorial review process?
We ask each submitter to recommend a senior editor and associate editor that they feel has expertise relevant to the submitted trend. The submission will typically be reviewed for quality and relevance. In most cases, only minor expositional revisions are requested. Review our senior and associate editors

How is other research cited in a Trend?
We require full citations of other published work (either in the notes section or as a separate slide). During the production process we generate a section of combined full references for each report. We use APA 7th edition citation style.